Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Home Decor-Advent Calendar

   I like to prepare for Christmas with an Advent Calendar.  This home decor piece was made using several Project Life pieces. 

Individual Pieces made using Hello December 2016 Card Collection

Accents on the cards made using Hello December Accessory Pack

Cards are clipped onto Baker's Twine using the Gold Binder Clips from the annual catalog.

Cost of this project is $50 and includes everything but the frame.

What can you use this for?
      Take a picture of some Christmas activity each day of December.  Then you are already to create a scrapbook for the month.  The cards will make great accent pieces in the scrapbook.

     Behind each card list an activity you can do as a family for each day of Advent.

     Do something kind for someone each day of Advent and take a picture or journal about it.

    List a Bible reading behind each card for Advent.

You can think up even more ideas to make this an interactive Christmas decoration.

Come back tomorrow to see the final project you can make at the Christmas event held at my house on Saturday, November 12th from 10-3:30.  


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