Friday, February 23, 2018

Birthday Wit-Fun Friday

Check out the designer paper in the background.  I showcased 4 of the designs in the Picture Perfect Party designer paper.  2 show the photos, and 2 show the designs.  Can't you see how you could repeat this card by using different papers in the designer paper spot.

Can you see why I like this stamp from the Birthday Wit stamp set the best?  It kind of says it all about all the things we have to worry about any more.  So lets just send a card with nothing to worry about on it except to just enjoy your birthday. Do you know someone that would enjoy this card?  

Hasn't this been a fun week?  Next week will be Magical.  Come back for some really fun cards that will make you smile.

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Thursday, February 22, 2018

Happy Birthday Thinlit-Template Thursday

I love these bows.  This paper is so much fun to use.  One side is photos of birthday items, and the other is designs using the same colors. Can't you see duplicating this card using a different piece of the Picture Perfect Party designer paper on each card.

When you sign up for my Everything Birthday Card Cafe, you will receive a pack of this designer paper as part of the class fee.  Great deal!
I love using this Happy Birthday Thinlit die.  Does is look hard to glue onto the page?  There are two things you can use to attach it to your card stock.

1. The Fine tip Glue pen.  It gives you a very tiny bit of glue that allows you to attach very small pieces of card stock to your backing.  The one caution when using this is to put the lid back on after every use to keep the glue from drying in the shaft.

2. Multipurpose Adhesive Sheets.  First, you take the layer with the writing on it off of a section of the adhesive sheet.  Then you attach the sheet on the back of your cardstock.  Finally,  cut out the words with your Big Shot. Make sure the adhesive backed sheet is on the bottom where you can't see it.  Otherwise your words will come out backwards. (Voice of experience speaking) 

3. Now take the remaining part of the Adhesive sheet off the back of your words and the are ready to attach to your project.  No mess for you or your paper.

Tomorrow I will share a way to show off a lot of the designer paper in a simple card.

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Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Birthday Wit-Wednesday WOW

Aren't those little blowers the cutest thing ever?  They are actually make using 3 stamps.  But if you follow the multiple stamp process they are easy to put together.

1. Stamp the blower part first.

2. Look through the stamp to place the fringe piece next.  

3. Stamp the solid long piece third.

4. Add dots or stripes or both on top of the solid piece and you have a cute blower that looks ready to use.

I think the Birthday Wit stamp set is clever with a bit of humor.  When I showed this card to my husband, his comment was.."finally, they have a stamp set with some humor to it." Friday's card has my favorite saying from this set.  Be sure and check it out.

Tomorrow I will share a card that would be easy to duplicate using a different piece of the Picture Perfect Party designer paper on each card.

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Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Technique Tuesday-Brusho Video

  Greetings Stampers,

Every Tuesday I will be posting a Youtube video demonstrating a technique.  Today is my first video.  I will be doing a series of videos in the next few weeks demonstratin Brush.

Today's technique I am calling Wet to Dry.  Check it out and don't forget to let me know what you think in a comment.

Check out next week when I show you Brusho dry to wet.

Happy stamping! 

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Picture Perfect Birthday-Technique Tuesday

Don't you just love this cute little bow!  It is made using the technique called two step stamping.  What exactly does that mean?

1. First you stamp the darkest color first.  This makes it easy to look through a photoplymer stamp to see exactly where to place the second stamp.

2. Next you use the very same color but stamp it on an extra piece of paper first before placing it on your card stock.

3.  Look through the stamp and find the already stamped piece.  Turn your stamp until the stamps line up perfectly, then stamp and you now have a really cute, complicated looking bow that was made in two easy steps.

Do you like the look of this stamp set?  Check out some of the other  cards I found on my Pinterest page featuring the Picture Perfect Birthday stamp.  Can you find my inspiration for this card?

Tomorrow I will share a WOW card made with this same stamp set.  Till then have some fun stamping.