Monday, December 14, 2015

Happy Birthday to Me

The cover says Turkeys and football, your birthday too. Fun memories of this day our gift to you. Happy 70th birthday!

   Do you find that the time goes double fast this time of year?  Well, it sure has for me since we came back from Tennessee.  Thanksgiving was special for me this year because it was also my birthday.  Every 7 years anyone whose birthday falls near the end of November has the same situation as I did this year.
  It was super sweet because I also turned 70 and had all my kids and grand kids ( except for Adia) with me.  Jude, my son Brian's special friend, had everyone present take a picture of me, then head on upstairs to a room I was not allowed in to create a page in this very special book.  She sanded, stained, and cut the wood for the cover of this scrapbook I will always treasure.

This is the page the Alex my youngest grandson created.

  Everyone gathered right after our meal and presented me with the book.  When I read the cover it brought tears to my eyes.  I felt very special and loved.

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