Thursday, February 23, 2017

Stamping Break-Baking Day

   It was time for my Christmas Through the Year class and I would be using the big shot quite a bit and this is what my cutting plates looked like.  I decided it was time to take action and start baking.

1. I wrapped each cutting plate in aluminum foil making sure the folded edges did not touch the plate.

2. I placed the wrapped plate underneath a casserole filled half way with water.  I made sure the casserole was completely flat on the bottom with no ridges.

3. I cooked the cutting plate for 20 minutes ( I have a hot oven, it might take 25 minutes in another oven) at 325 degrees.

4. I took the wrapped plate out of the oven with an oven mitt, then waited before I unwrapped it.

Isn't this amazing!!!  I have been baking all day and now have a wonderful pile of flat cutting plates.  No need to order new ones when you can bake them like new.

Come back tomorrow for some more stamping where I show you how to take one card and fix it up 2 additional ways.


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