Thursday, August 20, 2015

Bubble Blowing Technique

Check out the background paper.  I used Tempting Turquoise, and Night of Navy.

    Last night was my monthly technique club meeting. I looked all over the Internet for a technique I thought would be fun and found Bubble Blowing to be what I was most interested in.  Come to find out Lisa does this will her preschoolers.  So, I guess I have come full circle.  It really was fun.  I watched a great video produced by Dawn Griffith from Stampin'Up!

Bubble Blowing results
1. Fill a paper cup with 3 squirts of liquid hand soap.
2. Add reinker to make the color you desire.
3. Finally, add water to equal the amount of hand soap you placed in the cup.
4. Stir, then blow into the cup using a straw until the bubbles make a mound at the top of the cup.
5. Press your card stock on top of the bubbles until you get the paper covered to your liking. You may have to re-blow to get the results you want.
6. Press paper towel onto any bubbles that remain on the paper.
7. Let dry.  Or repeat the procedure for an additional.
I tried using white reinker.  It dries a lot clearer so I added more for a later project.

How did Lisa make this technique work with preschoolers?  She put a  hole in the straw so if they sucked instead of blew through the straw the ink would go out of the straw.  Clever idea I never would have thought about.

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