Sunday, August 2, 2015

Convention Gift-Gift Bag punch board

    It hardly seems possible that a week ago I was traveling home from convention.  It is something I look forward to from the day I register in April until I arrive in Salt Lake City in July.  A tradition that I have been following each year, is to make your roommates, and your group members a gift. This year I made these cute bags which I called survival bags and added butterflies on the petals of the flower.  Our group is called the Butterfly Friends so that seemed necessary.
   Inside each bag was Kleenex because the main stage speakers manage to make us cry at some point each year.
   Advil because a headache seems to happen when you get little sleep each night/
   Hand Sanitizer because you are touching all kinds of places that lots of people have touched
   Wipes for whatever you need
   Bandaids which I ended up needing right away.  Of course the bandaids had to be Hello Kitty ones.
   A granola bar in case you have no time for breakfast
   Most important of all chocolate for whenever and whatever.

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