Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Sleigh Ride Thinlits part 2


     Does this card look familiar to you?  It is quite similar to my swap for the Jubilant Butterflies meeting.  In fact it is Rae Anne's swap for that same meeting.  I love her sky, don't you.  Do you wonder how she did that?  Well, it was demonstrated at our convention held in July.  I was glad to see this because it reminded me of the technique I had forgotten about.

1. Take some Tombo glue in a container and dilute it with some water.

2. Soak the mixture in a paint brush tip.

3. Tap the paint brush on the edge of your hand to make sprinkles of the glue on your cardstock.

4. The glitter will stick to the glue and make a wonderful star filled sky.

   Thanks Rae Anne for the reminder. Can't wait to try it on my own.

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