Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Work of Art-Technique Tuesday

     Today's card involves embossing.  I used to avoid embossing because I thought it was too hard.  Have you ever felt that way about some aspect of stamping.  Well, after trying embossing out several different ways, I have found I actually enjoy it for the added dimension it gives cards.  I made this card in under 15 minutes (if you discount the smudged stamping attempts)

1. Use versamark to stamp your image on a background.

2. Emboss the image with whatever color embossing powder you want to use.  I used white.

3. Hear powder until it melts.

   And that is how simple it is to emboss.  I wonder what I was so hesitant to use this technique.  Hopefully you will start if you are not embossing right now.

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