Monday, January 11, 2016

Groovy Love Yogurt container treat bag

   What does the shape of this treat holder look like to you?  It is called a yogurt box and is supposed to look like a container of yogurt.  And best of all it is easy to make.

1. Take a 6 by 6 piece of paper (I used the new Love Blossoms paper stack.)

2. Put a strong glue or sticky tape on the bottom and one of the sides.

3. Fold one side onto the other to form a tube.

4. Pinch the bottom of the tube and if you have a crimper crimp that bottom edge to help the tape hold better.

5. Place your goodies inside the tube and crimp the top in the opposite direction to make the yogurt container.  Crimp this edge also.  Decorate the rest of the container in any way you wish.( I used the stamp set called Groovy Love and the heart punch)

   I would have to put some kind of chocolate inside mine, what would you put in yours?

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