Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Wednesday WOW- Making my own Starburst

   I had fun making a card using the Stampin'Up! Starburst thinlit, but wanted to try my hand at making my own.  This turned out to be a WOW for me.
1. Make a dot in the middle of your page.
2. Make lines with a ruler from one side of the paper to the other that go through the center dot. An even number of lines works best.
3. Punch or trace a circle and trace it over the center of the lines.  It does not have to be exact.
4. Cut out every other ray.  Now you have your own starburst.  What did I do with mine.

    I used designer paper and cut each ray out of a different color. I had to number them so I would be able to keep the placement in the correct order.

I love my finished card.  It took a bit of time to place the rays but the end result was just the WOW I was looking for.  What do you think?  Maybe this would be a good choice for video number 2?

 Check back tomorrow for Template Thursday.

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