Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Wednesday Wow-Party Pop-Ups

   Everyone loves a birthday right?  Today's Wow is sponsored by the Party Pop Up Thinlit die.  One of the thinlits shows the image above and can be used on the front of a card, or....

    added to the middle of the card as a pop-up.

   The second image would be great for a birthday or any other kind of congratulations.  It too can be used on the front of a card or .......

  also in the middle of the card as a pop-up.  Great looking cards.  Well, I hate to through left over items away and found a way to use the negative images from what was leftover.
The space around the hip hip hooray was perfect for another card.

I used the space around the birthday cake to make another card.

If you like birthdays and pop-up cards this thinlit will meet both of your likes at the same time.  I know I had fun making all these cards and felt like I could keep on going.

Come back tomorrow to see what challenge I will be taking on this week.

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