Friday, July 29, 2016

Swirly Bird- Fix it Friday

 I received this card as a swap recently and liked the simpleness of the boat on the water with a sun over head.  So how could I fix this?

    I used just the stamps for this card.  Can you see how I changed the card to make it look a little different?

1. The sun is double layered using two stamps one on top of each other.

2. The ocean is a swish inked once but stamped 3 times. This makes the ocean stand out a bit more than white on white.

3. The boat scene is the whole focus of the card instead of just a part of the card.

  Both cards look really good and have a simple look.  It is fun to see how you can change a card design using the same elements and make it look very different.

  I had a lot of fun with Swirly Bird week.  

Come back next week to discover my first impression favorite set from the new annual catalog. (Finally!)

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