Friday, July 1, 2016

Serene Scenery-Fix it Friday

  This card should look familiar.  It was one of the featured cards from yesterdays template cards.  Here is how I fixed it....

1. First I added strips of the designer papers I used all week.  My husband was not impressed, but I tried to layer the papers so they looked like sky, leaves, ground and grass.  

2. Then I used the saying from the set called Me=Grateful.  I stamped it and cut it up placing each part of the saying in a different section of the card.  

3. I tied the ribbon to try and bring the parts together.  It seemed to work for my husband so I guess that was a success.

Here is an over view of Serene Scenery week.  It was fun to try and create cards that met each one of the categories for the week.  

Come back next week to see what I can do with my favorite stamp set that is due to come in the mail today.  You will have to wait till Monday to see what the set is called.  

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