Thursday, July 21, 2016

Thoughtful Branches-Template Thursday

Summer with some yummy looking apples

  I saw a card on the Stampin'Up! blog page with a card similar to this.  The template is......
    The bare tree
     Some flowers or leaves
     Some grass

The creator of this card is on the Artisan team at Stampin'Up! and went on to create 4 cards similar to this one to resemble the 4 seasons.  I am all about the seasons so I put my own twist on to her cards.

  The artist cleverly cut come of the leaves off and placed them on the ground.  So now you can see some of the branch and notice the leaves that have fallen off the tree.  I colored the ground first with crumb cake to resemble the grass that dries out in the fall, with a little touch of green for the grass that still is that color.

 Next is a winter tree with no leaves and some snow on the ground and of course the Illinois State bird a cardinal.

Finally a spring tree most likely a cherry tree with its beautiful blossoms.  Are you liking this set as much as I am?  It will be available as a bundle for $52 during the month of August only.  And if you make a purchase of $50 this month you can earn a discount of $5.00 off that bundle.  Just go to the store at the top of this page and place an order.

Come back tomorrow to see the final card I will post using this set.  See how I fix up a simple card to make it stunning.

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