Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Eastern Palace Suite-3 Looks

  You might wonder what is in this Eastern Palace Suite.

14 thinlits called Eastern Medallion
21 Photopolymer stamps called Eastern Beauty
4 sheets of Eastern Gold Vinyl stickers
12 mini tassels
12 sheets of 12 by 12 Eastern Palace Specialty designer paper

  The cards I am going to share with you today use one of the groups of thinlits.  These thinlits come in a group of 3.  The outside layer does not cut all the way through the card stock, but can be cut with a square of card stock like my first card.

Do you notice 2 new in-colors.  The lime green is called Lemon-Lime Twist and is my favorite.

The blue color is called Tranquil Tide. It goes well with all our other blues.

In this second card I used the same 3 coordinating thinlits.  Can you see how I changed them?

1. I ran each one separately through my big shot.
2. Next, I cut them out with one of the layering circles. 
3. Finally,  Then I layered them on top of each other.

  The new color in this card is called Fresh Fig and goes well with our other purple colors. 

  The final card for today incorporates several of the stamps included in this suite.

1. First, I cut out the 3 coordinating thinlits in white card stock.
2. Next I stamped the funny looking dotted image.  Because this design is symmetrical it is easy to match the stamp up to the same spot each time you ink it.  When the entire shape has been stamped it adds another petal look to the card. I love this look. 
3. Finally, I added on of the tiny stamps inside each petal, cut out an inside image and added a sticker to the center of the card.

Come back tomorrow to see what I create using another set of coordinating thinlits.

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