Saturday, January 31, 2015

Occasions Catalog Open House-Butterfly card

   Isn't this detailed butterfly beautiful?  I was nervous about cutting it out because I had troubles with getting other detailed designs to come out easily.  Well, I learned a new technique that makes this so easy.

1. Take 4 unscented dryer sheets and fold them in half.  Now you have the thickness of 8 dryer sheets.  Set them aside.

2. Place you thinlit die on the cardstock you want it cut from and roll it through the big shot back and forth 3 times. This will make sure the image is cut all the way through.

3. Now place this cut image which is  still inside the thinlit on top of the folded dryer sheets.  Run this stack through the big shot.

4. When it comes out the thinlit will easily lift off the dryer sheets and all the parts will be stuck to the sheets.  Gently lift one corner of the butterfly off the dryer sheets.

5. You will be amazed to see that all the parts will still be stuck to the dryer sheet and the butterfly will be in one piece.

CAUTION: If you have well used cutting pads, make sure there is not warp to the pads.  If there is then have the curved edge against the magnetic platform so that it looks like a smile.  If you don't then the cutting pad may not get to the platform to make a clean cut.

Have fun and enjoy this way to have a successful and great looking butterfly.

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