Friday, January 16, 2015

You Brighten My Day-Fix It Friday

     I have not taken the time to try a Challenge  lately and decided maybe I would today. I went to a site I visit but have never tried their challenge.  It is called Around the World Stampin'Up! challenge.  People all around the world are encouraged to participate.  This time the challenge was a sketch. Check it out.

 When I start a challenge I do it in stages.

1. I first thought about what shape I wanted to use and since Valentine's Day is coming soon, I thought of a heart.

2. Then I had to decide which stamp to use in the set of the week. That one was obvious.  The tiny heart that says love in the middle was the choice.

3. Then I had to figure out the banner and where and how to put that on the card.

4. The Fix It part came when I looked at the card with the pink background and realized it needed something else to fix it.  That is when I decided to make the card base black and put the pink on top.  That fixed it for me.



  1. Thanks for playing along with the sketch challenge! Your card is great! I love how everyone sees the sketch and interprets it differently. I ended up not using a heart or banner on my card at all and instead, used a circle for that part of the sketch. My card was actually inspired by one of YOUR swaps! Thank you for being an inspiration to me -- in more ways than you know!

  2. Congrats, Sushi, your card is very sweet :-) Thank you for your participation !

  3. Oh and I corrected the problem with the image...