Thursday, July 2, 2015

Project Life-Technique Book

     I love the idea of Project Life and tried to think of other ways to use the book and pages other than for scrapbooking.  My monthly club is a technique club and the ladies keep asking me for directions explaining the steps involved for each technique so they can remember at home when trying to duplicate the technique on their own.  Here is what I can up with.

1. As a thank you to each member of the club who has been with me for several years, I purchased a 6 by 8 inch album for them.

2. Now, each month when we meet I have papers ready for them that explain the technique we are working on.  I write down the steps, supplies needed and leave a space for them to include a small sample of the technique as a visual.

     As you can see there are many ways to use these great books and divider pages other than for scrapbooking.  HMMMM what technique shall I feature this month.

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