Monday, July 6, 2015

Convention Swap-Marbled Leaves

    Each year at convention I like to make cards that I swap with demonstrators all over the country.  Rather than leave this task to the last minute like I usually do, I have been trying to make a few cards every week or so.  I make 20 of each design so that I do not get easily bored.

    I looked at a card I made at the last technique class and tried to see if I could make it any easier and turn it into a swap.  I decided to used the design of this card but instead of the floating re-inker technique, I used the marble technique.

1. Take an old stamp box and place 5-6 drops of one color of re-inker in the bottom of the box. Roll  5-6 marbles in the re-inker until they look coated with ink.

2. Put some removable adhesive on the lid of the box and attach your card stock to the lid.

3.  Tip the box upside down and roll the marbles all over the paper.  For additional colors you will need another box set up the same way as this one. Keep on rolling until you get the look that you want.

   Do you know why you need 3 boxes for 3 colors?  I do. I tried putting all the colors in one box and I guess you know what color ended up in the box.  If you guessed muddy brown, then you were correct. Another lesson learned the hard way.

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