Saturday, July 11, 2015

Stamping with the Elderly-Designer Paper Focus

     At the end of every stamping year I end up with leftover materials that have retired.  So, I try to use them when I go and stamp with my lady friends at the local Assisted Living facility.  This time I decided to use the leftover papers from the Moonlight designer paper stack.  I have already learned a few things I need to do before I meet with the ladies.

1. Prepunch any punched items because they have a hard time pressing the punch all the way.

2. Prestamp some of the smaller words because they tend to rock the stamp and get extra lines where they are not wanted.

3. Use designer paper whenever possible so they have some choices about which side of the paper to use. 

   I love using the paper stacks for these cards because all the designs coordinate and make it easy to use any side of the paper for the card.

   I've mentioned before a reason I love to go is it reminds me of stamping and card making with my mother who passed away two weeks before she turned 90.  It's just like being with mom again.

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