Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Shaker Card-Technique Tuesday

  I can't wait to send this shaker card to my grandson for his birthday or a special event.  I am hooked on shaker cards.  To make any kind of shaker card it takes about 5 basic steps.

1. Cut your open area

2. Cut a piece of window sheet that is a little bit bigger than your open area and attach with glue to the back of your open space.

3. Place some foam adhesive strips around the open area on top of the window sheet and just inside the edge of the open area.

4. Choose your  shaking items and make them into a little pile that will be inside your window.

5. Take the tape off the foam strips and flip the card so your shaking items are in the center of the window.  Press the sides to make sure the foam is solidly attached. 

Now, you may wonder how I made the bones.  I learned this trick from Rachel at Vacation Stamping School in Champaign.

1. First take the Tree Builder punch and slide a thin piece of cardstock into the punch making sure one end is outside of the punch.

 2. Punch and take this piece out of the punch. You have one end of your bone.

3. Now take the punched end and slide it into the punch until it is positioned to make the other end of the bone. Punch and you now have a bone made from a tree.

HINT:  I used tweezers to help me lift the paper pieces over the top of the punch.

I think these cute little bones make this card such fun.

Come back tomorrow and see how some fire flies turned this next card into a wow card.

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