Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Slider card-Technique Tuesday

   Here is today's slider card. Do you notice anything different from the card I posted yesterday?  You should notice that the groove for the slider to go on is in a different position.  This is called the rainbow position and the card I posted yesterday is in the smile position. I found it does not matter which position I put the slider in they slide equally as well.
  Now, you might wonder just exactly what makes this butterfly twirl. Here are the steps to take to make a slider.

1. The first thing to do is to cut out you sliding groove.

2. Then on the back you put the Foam Adhesive strips making sure they are not too close to the groove. I also put strips along the edges to help secure the cardstock in place.

3. Next prepare your layers on the item to slide.

     First layer is a penny or a washer with a dimensional place on it. Be sure and round the corners of the dimensional before placing it on the penny.

     Next layer is another penny with another dimensional on it.  Place these two pennies on top of each other.

     The final layer is the accent piece that will slide.  It should have the last dimensional placed in the center.

Come back tomorrow to see the WOW card made with this accent piece.

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