Thursday, October 13, 2016

Wedding Invites part 2-Using the scraps

  For some reason I made a pile of all the corner punch outs I made on all the cards.  And being the comic that I am I sent a text picture of them to the bride and groom telling them there were 144 punched corners.  My son also is a comedian so he told me Judy wanted me to save them so she could make boutonnieres for the men out of the corners.  You can guess what I did....

Pretty soon this picture appeared on my phone

Yes, Judy had made some flowers on tooth picks out of the corners.  Well it did not end there.

Judy is very crafty herself and made trays like this for all the tables at the reception and on each tray were candles and glass containers.  She did however have a special arrangement for the table set aside for my family.

  There on the tray at my table was this cute little container with all the corners at the bottom and the little flowers Judy had made arranged around the edges.  I loved it.

    So now at home on top of my jewelry case I have this arrangement.  Inside the etched vase are the corsages my husband and I wore at the wedding.  So,the lesson I learned through all of this is to never throw anything out, because you never know what you can make with it. (Don't tell my husband I said this)

   Come back tomorrow  to see the card I made to accompany my wedding gift.

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