Friday, November 30, 2012

Something for You from the Garage

    Picture yourself opening the lid of a cutely decorated box, unwrapping some tissue paper inside the box,and then lifting this cute necklace out of the tissue paper.  How on earth was this cute necklace made you might ask yourself?  The answer is very simple, and here are the steps to make one for yourself.
   1. Go to the garage
   2. Find the bin with the many sized washers in it.
   3. Choose the size you want for your necklace.
   4. Find the circle punch that matches the washer and punch out a variety of circles.
   5. Apply the circles to the washer using Crystal Effects.
   6. Apply Crystal effects to the finished washer, front and back.  Make sure one side is totally dried before applying to the other side.
   7. String some ribbon, leather thong, or string of your choice through the center of the washer and it is now ready to wear.
  This is one of the projects you will make at my Anything But a Card Class on December 7 and 8.  Check out my website for further details.


  1. This would be a fun project to make over Christmas break with a daughter and her friends, or fun to have the kids each make one for grandma or the aunts.

  2. It is so easy, the trick is to cover it all with Crysal Effects once the creation is complete. I saw an example that had a cute button then placed over the top of the finished necklace.