Monday, February 9, 2015

Balloon Bash-Miscellaneous Monday

     Do you love to have a stash of cards ready to go when the need arrives?  I do too.  So, Monday, February 16th I am having my first birthday card buffet class.  There will be around 12 cards and a few treat boxes to choose from.  Here's how it will work.......

1. First you look at all the cards in the buffet just like you would peruse all the food items in a buffet line before putting anything on your plate.

2. Next you decide which ones you want to make.  Go to your  first card choice and decide how many you want to make of that card.  You will not be limited to one card, you will not have to make all the designs unless you choose to.

3. There will be several cards for kids, for ,and for males.  So, you should be able to go home with plenty of birthday cards for the next few months.

4. All you have to do is let me know when you are finished how many cards you made and pay $2.00 a card for your finished projects.  Envelopes will be provided so you can make them match your card.

5. Please RSVP your intent to come.

PS This card will be one of your choices.

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