Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Technique Tuesday-Chalkboard Technique

   Today's Technique is called the chalkboard technique and this card actually looks like a chalkboard.  Here are the easy steps to make this card.

1. Use black paper.

2. Take a sponge dipped into White Craft ink and spread it from side to side on the black paper.  It is most effective to start off the edge of your card stock and draw the sponge to the opposite side.

3. Now you are ready to make the rest of your card.

I used the stamp from the Sealed with Love stamp set.  

You might wonder how I got the chalk?  I looked at the confetti punch and saw a tiny rectangular piece that reminded me of chalk and punched it out twice.  

 This next card was made using a different technique to get the chalk look.  Instead of ink I used the embossing buddy and rubbed it all over the black paper until I got a chalk board look.  It is a softer more subtle look than that made with the ink.

I stamped the sayings from the Sealed with Love set all over in different directions to get the look of this card.  When I had finished then I place 1/8 strips of designer paper around the sayings for some added color.

This chalk board technique is simple but effective when placed on a card.  Come back tomorrow to see a WOW Valentine card.


  1. Glad to see you back on the blog! Great ideas.

  2. Thanks Marty if feels good to be back.