Sunday, February 9, 2014

Fringe Scissor Flowers

     Would you like to know how easy it was to make these flowers?  I used the new Fringe Scissors that are in the Stampin'Up! Occasions catalog. 

1. Each flower has two layers of cardstock.  The inside layer is about 1/2-1 inch shorter than the outside layer.

2. The hint for using the scissors most effectively is to open them up as far as you can and then slide the paper until it touches the v of the open scissors.  That way you only have to make one cut for each fringe.

3.  The brown paper inside each jar was also made with the scissors.  I folded the old packing paper into 4ths so that when I cut the paper the scissors cut through the entire piece of paper.  Then I just opened each cut piece and bunched them together in the jar.

    I think I could easily be a flower making fool using these scissors. What would you use them for?

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