Wednesday, December 12, 2012

A Delightful Christmas Tree from Alison


     At a recent gift exchange at the Jubilant Butterflies meeting in Springfield this is the gift I received.  I loved it as soon as I laid eyes on it. Here is the story of how it became mine. We each drew a number and had our pick of the packages in the center of the gift table.  I was lucky enough to pick the number 3.  So, I knew there were only two other people that could pick this great gift before me. The person with number one chose a different gift and there was no one that had number 2, so I knew this tree was mine. 
     I found out that Alison made the tree and she did an awesome job.  Here is how she described making the tree to me.  She punched out scalloped circles, glued them in place on a styrofoam tree and actually used an entire package of designer paper punching out all the circles.  In between some of the colorful layers she has added a layer of Front Page designer paper (looks like the pages of a book).  What is your favorite part of this tree? and do you agree with me that I got a wonderful gift?

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