Thursday, February 14, 2013

Happy .Valentine's Day

     I wanted to create something different and special for Sam for Valentine's Day.  So, I used the cards and envelopes that I had leftover from what I sent to the grandkids.
They were remnants from a recent special and also were featured in the Holiday Catalog.  I thought of all the things Sam, my husband does that are special to me and wrote one in each envelope.  So far he has only found 4 of the envelopes I hid all over the house. He seems to be enjoying reading what I have written and finding all the places in the house I have hidden them.  Little does he know but the last one is on his pillow.

    Just something simple like this can make someone's day and not take very much time to put together.  We have lots of kits that help us give a gift to someone that lets them know how much they mean to us.
    What would you write in the envelope to someone you care about?

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