Friday, February 15, 2013

Simple cards for Knollwood Retirement center

     Yesterday was my day to go to Knollwood and stamp with the ladies that live there.  They wanted Valentine cards when we talked last month, but I thought they might like cards that could be used for multiple reasons.  Here is what I look for in a card I take to Knollwood.

1.  Multiple layers that can be glued together.

2. Simple stamping that is done on a separate piece of paper.(That way if there is a mistake made in the stamping it does not ruin the card.

3.  A WOW design that they will love making.

     You can see how this card meets all my requirements.  All the punching except for the heart was done ahead of time.  I chose the second card they made because of the shimmer paper.  Check it out here.  Can you see why I chose this card?

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