Sunday, February 24, 2013

How to make a plaid embossed background

     How do you make a plaid background from an embossing folder?  First of all you really need 2 folders.  Since I have only one folder I asked a couple of stampers if I could use theirs.  We will see who remembers to bring their folder with them tomorrow night. The process is very simple.

1.  Ink up the striped embossing folder on the top layer using a brayer that you roll in the ink pad of your choice.

2.  Place your background card stock inside the folder and run through the Big shot.  The stripes will be place on your card once you have finished embossing.

3.  Ink the second folder with a contrasting color and repeat the process after turning your previously inked paper 90 degrees.  In case you have only one folder you can wash the folder after embossing the first color and once it is dried re-ink with the contrasting color.

 Isn't that easy peasy?  I thought it was so easy when Cheryl Soerensen showed us how to create this look at one of our Jubilant Butterflies meetings.  This card was Cheryl's swap that day.  I love the look.  Come by my house on Friday night or Saturday and try it out for yourself.

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