Friday, November 8, 2013

Fix it Friday-Thankful frame art

     Do you love putting seasonal decorations up as much as I do?  In fact, I love to put up monthly decorations.  Last month in my Hurray for Halloween class we made a great frame art picture. The picture was created so that it could be taken out of the frame and stored till next year.  Here is the frame art for November.  I used a design from Create with Connie and Mary as my inspiration.  Here are the changes I made.
1. I changed the picture from a square frame to a rectangular frame.  No square frames in my town.
2. I used a different color scheme for the background papers.
3. I had loaned out my leaf die cut so I used some already cut out ones that were not the right color.  Instead of panicking, I decided to use heat and stick powder and our wonderful gold glitter.
Thanks Mary Brown for such wonderful inspiration.


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