Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Wednesday Wow- Stenciling on a card

     Tonight was another Jubilant Butterflies meeting.  We often share technique ideas with each other and I shared different ways I used stenciling on cards.  For this card I used the leaf from the Secret Garden framelits to make a background for my card.  Don't have a background paper you like....then make your own.

     I tried to think of other ways to use a stencil and came up with the idea of using it as a shadow to a punched out image.  On this card I even cut around one of the stenciled images and used it as my flower.  It gives it a softer look than an ink pad.

     I got a little crazy on this last card and did reverse stenciling.  I used the cut out flower and brushed around the edges of the flower with a sponge. Next, I found another flower shape in the framelit set and with a different color on my sponge did some more sponging not caring if they overlapped at all.  Finally, I chose a 3rd color using the same process.  To finish I even used the flower pieces I had sponged around as part of the card.  A little funky, but hey I have to get out of my comfort zone now and then.

   This is the card that started off all my thinking about stenciling in the first place.  Which card is your favorite and why?  If you think you would like to try some stenciling with me, let me know and we can get a party set up soon.


  1. Hi, Sue! I'm finally able to leave comments for you! Don't know what has changed, but anyway...I really like your cards! I think your "funky" one is my favorite because it's so different I guess. More "mixed media" looking.
    Becky White

  2. Thanks Becky,
    How have you been? I have missed seeing you. Stop by some time.