Sunday, March 10, 2013

How to Create a Faux Metal Embellishment

    Don't you think metal on a card adds a little bit of extra fun?  But, the thickness of metal adds to the cost of mailing the card to someone.  This technique called Faux Metal solves the problem.  And it is an easy technique.....I love the idea of easy don't you.

1.  Use a Versamark pad and stamp one area of a piece of card stock thoroughly.

2. Sprinkle the area with a thick layer of silver embossing powder.  Shake of the excess powder.

3.  Repeat steps 1 and 2 two more times so you have three layers of embossing on top of each other. Before adding each additional layer make sure the first layer has cooled enough you can touch it without leaving an impression in the embossing.

4. Choose your stamp you want to have look like metal and stamp it in versamark. The versamark on the back of the stamp will keep it from sticking to the embossed card stock. Have it close by so you can reach it quickly.

5. Versamark, and emboss the card stock one more time and as soon as you have finished grab your stamp and press it into the heated layers of embossing powder and hold it steady for 5 seconds.  When you peal the paper off of the stamp you will have an embossed image that looks like metal.

     Here is a closeup of the Faux Metal embellishment.

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