Monday, March 11, 2013

The Shaving Cream look without the mess

     Have you ever tried using shaving cream to create the background of a card?  If you have you know it can be quite messy.  The flower in the center of this card was made with the Faux Shaving Cream technique and not only was NOT messy, but quick and easy to do.

1.  Ink up a solid image stamp set with a light color.

2.  Ink up the roller of a wheel in a darker contrasting color.

3.  Place the wheel on the stamp; press and twist; remove and place on a different part of the stamp and repeat the press and twist.

4. Huff on the stamp to make sure it is moist, and place the image on some card stock.  Easy Peasy!

    Each flower you make will look different but resemble what it would have looked like had you used shaving cream.  I love Faux techniques don't you.

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