Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Dana's Great Card Idea for Ribbon

     Don't just love this polka dotted ribbon?  My friend Dana made a card similar to this for a swap at the Jubilant Butterflies meeting a couple of months ago.  How simple is this card to make. Can you identify the items that will be retiring on June 3rd?

1. All the polka dotted ribbons

2. The sayings from Word Play

3. The River Rock card stock

     When I recently took inventory of my card stock I noticed that I had gobs of a white card stock that has been gone for quite a while. Do you see it on this card?  Yup, it is Confetti White!  I can't imagine why I have so much of this card stock left over, but we used a lot of it in my Fill Your Card box with Summer cards class.

   I was trying to figure out how to make this card using items that will be staying.  Look for another card in the future that is a remake of this card. What would you use to revamp this card and make it current?


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