Thursday, May 2, 2013

Hostess Brunch make n take


     What exactly is a hostess brunch?  Well, each year right around the time of the new catalog I have a hostess brunch for anyone that hostess a party in the past year, or had a book party, or ordered a private order that equaled a minimum party order.  So, what happens at the hostess brunch?

1. First of all you get to eat a wonderful meal that changes each year.  Last year it was yogurt parfaits with homemade breads and fruit.

2.  Secondly, you get to participate in the annual auction of 3-D items that have been featured in my classes the past year. You bid with StampinUp money.

3. Thirdly, you get to create a project that is unique to this event.  It will never be offered as a class.  Last year we made stamp organizing boxes.  This year we will make 4 cards and a cute box to hold them.

4. Finally, you get a VIP garage sale pass that allows you to shop at my annual 50% off garage sale.  That means you get to shop for one hour the night before the garage sale opens to the public.

   Sound like fun?  There are still 2 months left in which you can book a private workshop or have a book party and still get invited to the Annual Hostess Brunch. Contact me at if you are interested. Out of state parties will count, just contact me and I will share the details with you.

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