Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Super Snails Washi Tape Challenge cards

Supplies for the April Challenge for the Super Snails

     At the April meeting of my downline, The Super Snails, we learned how to decorate ribbon so that it had a rainbow effect.  Then, I gave each person attending the meeting, 3 strips of washi tape and a piece of This and That Epic Day designer paper.  The challenge was to create a project using those items.  Well, last night was the night they brought back their finished projects.  Everyone agreed it was very challenging to find ways in include the washi tape, but I loved the results.
I had fun making this card, but wondered if it was too busy.

Nan used the backside of the designer paper.  Can you find her washi tape?

Janet twirled her ribbon into a cute ball.
Amanda used every bit of the ribbon.  I love the scarf and waist feature of the dress.

Cindy used some wire to make a flower focal piece.
Jody added some of the window sheet the washi tape was attached to on her card
And had enough supplies to make two cards. I think she added some of her own washi tape to this one.

     It was great fun to see how every one approached the challenge in a different way.  What would your card have looked like if you had gotten the supplies the Super Snails received?  I often take other people's designs as my starting off point for a card, but in these challenges they are always a Sushi Original. 

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