Friday, May 31, 2013

Bottle Cap Necklaces

     One of may favorite classes I held recently was a Bottlecap necklace class.  Each person attending received

   a container of bottlecaps
   a necklace (purchased from Oriental Express)
   a bottle of Crystal Effects

   We flattened the bottlecaps using the Big Shot, the cutting pads, the platform with all tabs opened, and a piece of thick cardboard.  One necklace uses a flattened bottlecap, and the other left the bottlecap in its original shape.
      Next we made all kinds of inserts to place inside the necklace.  The have a punched out circle from a magnet sheet on the back so they can be easily changed out according to a person's mood.

final step is to add Crystal Effects to the top of each design.  I found I was heavy handed with the first inserts I placed the crystal effects on and all I needed was a little bit of liquid.  I just had to make sure that I extended it out to the edges of the insert.

   It was great fun.  I used stamping, pieces of designer paper and jewels. I put the bling on after everything was dry. One of my favorite designs is the crown.  When I wear it I say I am the Queen of Stamping.

   It's not too late to order your set of bottlecaps.  If you want to place a quick order and have a chance at being a hostess at the same time, then place your order on my website and use the following hostess code.  If I draw your name as the hostess I will contact you and find out what you would like for your free gifts. 6:00 PM is the time of the drawing so make sure you have your order in by that time.


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