Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Carving my own stamps

     I did it!  Tonight I just dove in and tried my hand at carving my own stamps.  I had thought about what design I would like to try my hand at and decided on a flower image I have used for years, then it was on to the leaf, then I tried my stamping name Sushi, then I made a greeting and a heart.  It was so much fun, I think I may never stop!

    Here is the card I made with my stamps.

    I can see it now, I won't be able to get to sleep because I will be trying to decide what to carve next.  Confession time, I ordered some inexpensive carving foam to get me started but I think I am ready for the Undefined kit from StampinUp.  I am thinking of having an evening where people can just try out carving and see what they think.  What would you carve if you came to my house?


  1. YES!!! I have been interested in doing this for years- just never took the plunge.

  2. Well, I have some practice material at my house ready for you to try.

  3. Sushi - Do U have an alphabet die for your Big Shot? IF you die cut the letters & turn them over on the carving material, trace them with pencil or pen & THEN carve them out - would that work? Just wondered. I've carved 2 stamps & I thought it was HARD to do. The 1 carved image I chose was EASY & ended up looking primitive which I really like using on men's cards.
    Thanks for any tips,
    Nancy Sapp