Friday, August 2, 2013

Ordering Mistake

   Sometimes I do not read all the fine print.  Imagine that, a retired reading teacher not paying attention to all the details. This happened recently when I ordered the new wood mount cases for my 6 wood mount stamps.  Without reading the fine print I ordered 6 so that all my wooden stamps would fit into a new box, and line up with my clear mount cases.  Imagine my surprise when the order came and I now had 24 cases, because the fine print mention that 4 cases come in one order. Because I had a whole lot of extra cases, I put my mind to work and created kits to place at each person's place whenever I have a class. 

   Inside each kit are the basic supplies that a stamper might need to create cards. This has turned out to be a wonderful mistake and has me a lot more organized when people leave a stamping event.  They put everything back in the box, much less work for me.

1 comment:

  1. An insurance rep once told me that teachers are the WORST at following directions anytime he makes a presentation!!
    These kits are a great idea and anything that saves YOU time is definitely a good thing!