Friday, September 12, 2014

Halloween Wreath-Fix It Friday

   Do you love decorating for the holidays?  I do and Stampin'Up! has been creating wonderful kits that help me decorate fast and easy.  This is the wreath that they created for Halloween.  My friend, Linda, won the kit at convention but really did not care for it so we traded.  She gave me the kit and I ordered items for her from the Holiday catalog that she liked.  Check out this video  what the original wreath looked like.

  I looked at the kit and made a few changes.

1. I inked up the doilies with black ink as described in the directions but really did not like the look so I left them off the wreath.

2. I made the  banner saying which said Trick or Treat and decided it detracted from the cool look of the wreath

3. Finally, I made the spider out of beads which looks hard, but was only a little time consuming.  I placed it on the wreath on the web where suggested but it did not show up well at all.  So, I decided to change where it was placed so that everyone would be able to see how intricate it was.

  What I learned from this experience is make the project you are doing your own.  The directions are just there as a guide (which I always seem to need) and they you can do what you want with the project. Don't be afraid to Fix It Up whenever you want.
   Want a wreath like this for your house?  I will be holding a class at my home in Jacksonville in October.  Look for announcements of date and time.

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