Monday, July 3, 2017

New Catalog Premier - New Tab Punch

  Do you like to organize your catalog so that you can find things easier?  At my New Catalog Premier I always have a station where stampers can tab the sections of their new catalog.

 The new tab punch makes this easy to do.

I start by labeling the sections of the catalog that are listed on the table of contents.  But, then I like to add a few more of my own favorites.

Color- I want to be able to get to the color families and the designer paper quickly.

Memories- I want to be able to find this section for my scrapbooking customers.

Index- I love to have this area tabbed so I can look up the page where a stamp set can be found.

This year all the tabs with the exception of 2 are made from the 10 current in-colors.

What would you tab in your catalog?

Tomorrow check back to see how I will let my stampers go home with an in-color reminder.

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