Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Painter's Palate-Technique Tuesday, Stampin with Bleach

  Do you wonder how the flower became yellow when it was stamped and embossed on Night of Navy card stock? 

Well, bleach is the answer.  In this card a blender pen was dipped in bleach and painted onto the embossed petals on the flower.  It was painted until all the color was bleached out of the petal so the paper looked white.  Then markers were used to color in the petals.

  For today's card I stamped the swirl image from the Painter's Palate stamp set and made it look like the strings on a balloon.  I got the idea from looking at a card that Kathryn Mangelsdorf made and posted on Pinterest.  Only I took it a step further by using bleach as an ink.

1. Place several layers of paper towel in a flat container.

2. Press your stamp on the paper towels using them as an ink pad.  Stamp off once to get excess bleach off the stamp.

3. Press your stamp onto the punched out  balloons. I punched my balloons out of the new in-colors.

4. Once the card stock is dry you can finish your card.  The bleach totally changed the color of the card stock.

  I am thinking this will make a good technique video.  Look for my next Sushi's Stampin' Originals video on the first Tuesday of July.

  Come back tomorrow to see how you can use the Painter's Palette stamp set to make a Christmas card.

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