Thursday, April 11, 2013

Awesome Painter's Tape Mistake

     An incredible mistake!  My sister Nan misread the directions I sent her on how to create the Painter's Tape look.  And this is what she came up with.  I think it is an awesome technique.  I am calling it Reverse Tape Technique until I can think of a better name.  Here's the how to....

1. This works best with wide Painter's Tape.  Choose your 4 colors you want in the background.

2.  Tear one piece of tape and lay it on the top and bottom of your ink pad.

3.  Now, press your ink pad into the cardstock.  You will have a solid image with torn lines on the top and the bottom.

4. Repeat with a different color ink but place your painter's tape in different parts of the ink pad.  When you press the pad this time you will get ink in a different part of the card stock.  Some overlapping a little.

    Try this yourself and let me know what your card looks like.

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