Friday, April 5, 2013

Valentine's Layout for Scrapbook Your Life

Two page spread for Valentine's Day
Closeup of an accent piece

     Scrapbook Your Life is the name of my scrapbook class.  Due to family problems we were unable to meet in February so in March everyone made 4 two-page spreads instead of the usual two we make each month. Clara and Cammie have been coming for 4 years.  Wow but the most amazing thing about this is that I issue a challenge each month to put pictures on your pages and bring them back next month to share.  They have done that for 4 years also.  So count that up, they have made 24 layouts a year for 4 years, so they have 96 finished pages in their scrapbooks. Guess I need to get those pictures organized so I can join the club.
     When you bring back the layouts with pictures I give you a little incentive gift.  Those girls keep me on my toes thinking up new gifts to give them. If you are interested in joining this group, click on the Stamp with Sushi page above to check out my April schedule of classes.
     I wonder what themes I should do for April.  Any suggestions out there?


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