Sunday, April 28, 2013

Simple is Good

A simple card that says it all

     Do you love the idea of a simple card?  I think there is as much elegance in a simply made card as there is in one that takes a long time to make.  This is one of the cards I took to Knollwood, an Assisted Living Facility I volunteer at once a month.  I know that the cards I take need to be simple.  But, I want the cards to have a great look that the ladies I stamp with will be proud of. What do I mean by simple?

1.  Use of designer paper gives a great look without lots of stamping. Two sided designs give the person some individual choices.

2. A simple saying that can be stamped and then punched as an accent in case the stamping is a little crooked.

3. Pre-punched shapes that can be placed wherever the person wants on the card.

    I loved how this card turned out and so did my lady friends at Knollwood.  How easy would it be for you to duplicate this simple card?

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