Friday, April 12, 2013

My This and That Journal

     I love the This and That Journal!  Why you might wonder since you know I am already are a scrapbooker?  Well, my reply would have to be....have you seen any pictures on the pages that I create?  All of my pictures are in boxes and not organized.  One of my projects in the next few months is to start organizing the pictures because I have plenty of layouts for the pictures to find a final home.  So, here is why the This and That journal is my new favorite thing.

1.  It is meant to be quick.

2. It does not need a lot of journaling.

3. It is a great place to put some simple souvenirs.

4. It does not need a picture to make a great page.

5. Did I already say, the pages can be done in a short amount of time.

     Last week I was in the car driving to events more than I was out of the car but it was an amazing weekend I wanted to remember.  Saturday was a trip to Champaign to attend the Spring into Stamping event.  I saved the agenda, my name tag, the LOSING door prize ticket, and scraps from  the make n takes.  I loved using the Washi tape to put the items in the book, and used a sticker from the This and That bundle to remember who went on the trip with me.

     Sunday I attended a 50 year celebration for Weight Watchers and traveled to Bloomington.  We had some Dove candy for dessert (yes, Weight Watchers can still eat candy) so I saved the wrapper with the fortune it in, my name tag, and made some observations about the day on the Washi tape.

Fast and Fun that's what it was creating these pages and the cover.  Now I will have an even harder time throwing things away because they might fit in my Journal. But when I have two or three items I want to save, I have a cute place and the tools to put them in a book, instead of in a pile. 

     Do you think you might want one of these journals for yourself?  Then go Shop with Sushi on the link at the top of this page and get yourself a This and That Bundle.


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