Saturday, April 6, 2013

My Personal Paper Pumpkin Welcome Kit


March 20th  5:30  My Paper Pumpkin finally arrives at my door. I am pretty excited even though I know what the inside of the box looks like already (I got a sample at Leadership)  But hey this was delivered by my mailman!!!!

March 20th 5:31 The inside of the box.  I love the sticker and that was not on the sample I got at Leadership.  Plus the paper is a pale blue, not just plain white.

March 20th 5:35  It took a while to get the wrapper open and the items inside posed for their picture.  The insides of the box.  What can be more exciting than this?  Well, it would have to be waiting for the April kit because I have no idea what it will be like.

Sound like fun to you?  Well, just go to my paper and sign up for your kit.  If you have no demonstrator than I would love to be your paper pumpkin contact person.  List my name, Sue Scheets, as your demonstrator and then you can join the fun.  WARNING  You must sign up by April 10th to have the Welcome kit sent to you this month.

Do you love your kit, if you have already signed up?  Then check out these posts of mine for ideas of how to make up the cards in a way that is not listed in the directions. And go to Pinterest and type in My Paper Pumpkin.  Be prepared to be blown away by all the great ideas out there.

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