Thursday, April 18, 2013

Just what is a Super Snail?

 Super Snails in St. Louis
More Super Snails at the Regional in St. Louis

      What exactly is a Super Snail?  Well, that is the name that my downline decided our group should be called.  We use snail adhesive to attach layers of cards together and we have a super fun time together.  What do we do as a group you might wonder?

1.  We have monthly meetings where we share ideas, create things, learn new techniques and inspire each other.

2. We attend events together.

3.  We support each other.

4. We share our love of Stampin'Up! products.

5. We enjoy being around each other.

   What do you need to do to become a Super Snail?  

1. Contact me Sushi (aka Sue Scheets) at and we can chat.

2. Come visit our next Super Snails meeting on the second Tuesday of May at 6:30.

  There is a joining special going on right now where you will receive $155 worth of supplies of your choice for only $99.
Sounds like an awesome deal to me.

Snails at the Spring into Stamping in Champaign

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